About Us

About the project

We believe you can learn all the information about your vehicle-related issues.

Do not hesitate to flip through the topics to observe the decisive automotive advice like novel fitment facts, manuals, graphs, DIY pointers, consumer hacks, along with feasible assistance.

Our database is very vast and diversified to harmonize all sorts of crucial advice.

We do all this toil of hoarding and adjusting automotive facts with one thing in mind.

That is forming a suitable website that supports auto owners across the planet and prepares necessary details whenever they need them.

Vision Statement

Our ambition is to deliver a web resource that encompasses all the important inquiries an automotive enthusiast may have about this exact theme. We would like to end up being a multimedia consultant you might head to for a piece of instructions on repairing technical hitches, reinstalling tools, together with taking into consideration an upgrade.

There is still a long journey to go however, every day carries us nearer to reaching that dream.

We relentlessly work for spreading and also polishing our auto data bank by bringing in up-to-date practical characteristics, revising info on automotive models as well as trim levels, and also making extra divisions.

Currently, you can get divergent applicable materials on our web page:

  • car specs by make, model, and year,
  • handy suggestions, as well as life, hacks you can take advantage of,
  • proposals great for specific models as well as trims,
  • DIY, detailing, determining, substitute, together with troubleshooting tutorials.
As much as we would enjoy that to happen, our web project can not turn you into the greatest auto mechanics superstar.

Yet, it will indeed spare you a lot of struggle on fact-finding together with letting you bypass some frustrating jolts.

Mostly those predicaments derive from poor sizing or incompatibility, which is exactly why we equipped our advice with handy graphs full of specs for each engine, year, and trim.

There is seldom anything as a one-fits-all design amidst car elements or gadgets.

If you are not exactly sure about an item that piqued your interest don't fumble to consult our website to discover if that product fits your car.

Our site was created entirely for informative intentions.

We make every effort to make information smooth to get and easy to process.

We do not vend items or professional services, this is not our end goal.

All we want is to serve amazing recommendations on the niche that might likely be practical to our visitors.

Can you believe us?

We have already been enamored with the topic for quite a while being employed in the automotive market.

As a consequence throughout that time, we expanded indispensable skills including resources.

At the same time, we don't attempt to hinder.

So, our research as well as investigation hardly quite ceases.

Our most valuable providers of suggestions are all recommended companies, producers, and also auto mechanics.

Nevertheless, that doesn't show that we take all the factors for granted.

With just so many details coming from all ways, we have found our specific fact-checking proceedings to sift every aspect properly.

Data source

To achieve our undertakings, we solely mention websites or books created by respectable authorities like

  • valid car makers' internet sites
  • authoritative auto and transporting groups run by the governing administration
  • datasheets as well as facts by sellers.
A portion of our tips is made by the people who chose to give their experience.

It is usually identified as "user-generated information."

We welcome your enthusiasm to talk about your wisdom and hints with the community.

Corporate rules

We follow our "set of rules" that governs precisely how we address the task and communications:

  • User experience comes first.
  • True specifications are the keystone of our project.
  • No spam. Be kind to our customers and their time.
  • Validity is indispensable to quality.
  • " Followers first" is the sentiment of every post.
  • Not harm.

Company History

This web project grows thanks to our remarkable crew led by Alex Rogers, the creator.

He created this web project as a way to share his lifetime enthusiasm for autos with the whole world.

As an automobile enthusiast and also a technology devotee, he has been dabbling with vehicles since he was 25 when he obtained his first of all car - an old Camaro.

He is a competent car technician.

He knows his way around the repair shop. His in-depth understanding together with years of performance in the niche enables him to edit information that is both faithful and also comprehensible.

Sources of Income

Since we are not marketing items or support services, our site makes money from media adverts as well as ideas.

We can get a modest commission if visitors determine to pay for a certain product after following a partner link. No additional charges are applied.

Regardless, we do not offer that guidance and also do not take money from shops to advertise their products on our website.

Get in Touch

Our approach is to maintain transparency along with common consideration.

Please do not think twice to check with us by the contact form for inquiries.

You can also share your responses and recommendations.

We do our very best to reply promptly to every one.