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This is the value in which the power of your engine is measured. The more horsepower a car has, the faster it will accelerate, drive, and the more cargo it can carry.

You can add horsepower to your engine by installing a larger throttle body. This will increase the amount of air flowing into the combustion chamber, increasing the engine's power and productivity.

Cold Air Intakes

The cold air intake is one of the most budget-friendly and affordable mods that are available today. This will allow your engine to breathe easier and take in more cool air, which will result in improved performance and fuel economy.


Have you ever noticed the whistling sound that sports cars make while driving? We're not Wikipedia, but we can help you figure it out. This whistling is a consequence of the working of the turbocharger. This gadget pumps air into the engine combustion chamber, causing fuel to burn faster, and thereby increasing power and top speed. Good news? You can also have a turbocharger installed on your car. Trust me, after obtaining this modification, even the most boring car will shine with new colors - the driving experience cannot be described in words.


Many novice car enthusiasts commit the same mistake - they spend all the money on modifications that increase the power of the car, completely ignoring other improvements. Why you should not do this - the answer is simple. When you increase the power - the stock cooling system can not cope with the load, because it has its own resource and its own power limit.

And then think about it - the lack of cooling of the engine can lead to overheating, and overheating, in turn - to burnt valves, carbon deposits on pistons, cylinder deformation, and all this, as you understand - very expensive to repair. Therefore, if you set out to pump the power of your car and squeeze everything out of its engine - install an intercooler. This system will additionally cool the air entering the combustion chambers, and thus maintain the optimal engine temperature.


Car manufacturers always make the greatest effort to ensure that you're satisfied with your vehicle. From the powertrain adjustment to the interior trim, every detail must be flawless to keep the customer satisfied. And one of the most important steps in this process is tuning the car's ECU. All the processes that will take place in the engine are adjusted with the help of chips - the amount of air, fuel amount, valve opening time, and so on.

However, if you don't agree with the engineers' decision and know better what your car needs - install the tuner. This little box holds deep potential - with its help you can reprogram the ECU. By tweaking the system, you can increase the amount of air consumption, which will lead to faster combustion and increased power, or vice versa, you can reduce fuel consumption, which is extremely relevant to the current fuel prices. Squeeze everything out of your car!

Throttle Body Spacers

Modifying a car is an expensive and quite difficult process. But what to do if you do not have a lot of free time, but still want to improve something in your vehicle? Then we can advise you to install a throttle body spacer. This element increases airflow into your engine, which results in more power and better fuel economy. And what's really important - you don't need any special skills or extraordinary tools to install it, the whole process takes you only about an hour!


Fender Flares

No matter if you own a fast sports car or a huge, cross-country SUV, fender flares will be a great addition to any vehicle. On the highway, they will make your car sleeker, which will enhance its aerodynamics, and far outside the city, off-road, they will protect your SUV from being damaged by dirt and rocks. And as a nice bonus, this mod will make your car look more attractive and brutal.

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Bike Racks

Do you consider a bicycle an essential part of your life, but you can't take it on trips with you because it simply won't fit in the trunk of your car? Not a problem, use every opportunity not to be parted from your iron two-wheeled friend. Install a bike rack on your car and you can transport your bicycle securely mounted to the bumper of your car, or on the roof, and yet - you still have space available inside the car. Maybe for bike gear, or the second set of tires, who knows...

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LED bulbs

Safety should be your first priority on the road. Your safety depends directly on how well you see what's going on around you. And if your stock headlights aren't bright enough, install more powerful LED bulbs. They shine brighter, last longer, and in addition, improve your car's appearance.

Fog Lights

Many drivers often think that if their car's headlights are working properly - that's enough to feel safe. In fact, they do their job well under ideal conditions, but they can let you down when the weather gets worse. For example, when there's fog or heavy rain outside, the light output of your headlights will decrease by about half, resulting in poor visibility. Moreover, in rainy weather, the light from your headlights will be reflected from the wet road or puddles, blinding other drivers! Don't put yourself and other drivers in danger - install fog lights on your car - thanks to their construction they will smoothly illuminate the road even in the worst weather and will inform other drivers of your position on the road.

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Exhaust Modifications

Catalytic Converters

Installing a catalytic converter is one of the best things you can do for your car - and for the planet. Catalytic converters help reduce harmful emissions from cars, making our air cleaner for all of us to breathe. They also help improve fuel economy, so you'll save money on gas too!

Straight-through Exhaust Systems

Are you skeptical about modifying your car because you think it's a waste of money? Let us convince you otherwise. Installing a straight-through exhaust is worth every penny of your investment. You'll get a more pleasant, outstanding engine sound, slightly reduced fuel consumption, and most importantly, increased engine power. Sure, installing one mod won't make your car as fast and ferocious as Dominic Toretto's Dodge Charger from the Fast and Furious movie, but once you get in the driver's seat and step on the gas, you're guaranteed to feel that the car became more agile and responsive.


A poor lion is a lion that cannot make a deafening roar. He may look menacing and fierce, but he will not seriously frighten you if he meows like a kitten. The same goes for your car; you may invest a lot of money into its exterior, but if it sounds dull, it will not impress anybody. Install a charged muffler on your car - and then it will not only look beautiful but will sound nice, too.


Wheel Center Caps

Sometimes one small, seemingly inconspicuous detail is missing to achieve perfection. If you have installed new, shiny rims on your car, but you think something is wrong - install a wheel center cap - a special plug that is inserted into the center of your rims and adds the necessary accents to your car.

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How can you tune your 2008 Ford F-150?

Without a doubt, there's something awesome relating to a vehicle that's been tuned just correct. The moment you're driving a tuned vehicle, you feel like you may handle the globe. On the occasion that you're taking into account getting your 2008 Ford F-150 tuned, or if you're plainly absorbed in what it is believed to look like, follow us for all the records you are in want to learn about car tuning. It may be worked on in manifold means, out of establishing easy changes to the engine to setting up aftermarket items to your 2008 Ford F-150. Tuning will additionally include producing cosmetic customizations, which include evolving the bodywork or bringing in fresh tires. The goal of tuning is normally to better the efficacy of the car, regardless if that's via developing it faster, more convenient to wheel, or extra fuel-saving. This is equally concerning personifying the car to fit your specific fondness and also style. However, motorists can probably run into some struggles meantime tuning the 2008 Ford F-150. Firstly, it can possibly be fairly steeply-priced to make big revisions to the engine or incorporate post-sales constituents. You likewise have to be savvy not to evacuate your guaranty by arranging unapproved updates. To conclude, you must follow up that your own car is still permissible to steer on urban pathways shortly after it's been tuned. In case you're planning on performing any type of strenuous tuning to your Ford F-150 of 2008, it's a superior proposal to head it to a well-qualified automobile company that might allow you benefit from the automobile. To help with this settlement, you may go over our page, where the cars and truck pros put together a rugged bedrock of requisite information.


All Ford F-150 tuning guides for beginners recommend starting with easy and cheap upgrades. After that you can start scaling up.

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